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Linchpin Media, announce official commercial partnership with video services agency, Wooshii

Toronto ON, Nov 23, 2022,: Toronto media partnership agency, Linchpin Media, announce official commercial partnership with U.K. based innovative video services agency, Wooshii. “Wooshii will help Canadian businesses create video content in a way that hasn’t been possible yet in Canada,” Says Linchpin Co-Founder Stuart Staves. “Canadian B2B businesses and agencies, even those with in-house production, struggle to produce the amount of video content that is needed to fuel business growth today.”

“From the moment I saw what Wooshii was doing with data I knew it was something unique,” agrees Dan Merrit, Linchpin Co-Founder. “There is a clear need for more state-of-the-art video produced in an efficient model but also the data analytics that Wooshii can provide.”

"At Wooshii we provide a truly global video solution and we’re always looking for opportunities to grow, so when Linchpin approached us about representing us in Canada, we were intrigued. It quickly became clear that they knew the local market inside out, had great contacts, a deep understanding of media and marketing and buckets of entrepreneurial get up and go, so we jumped at the chance to work with them. For us, the partnership makes a lot of sense because it allows us to crack an interesting local market quickly, without a slow and costly recruitment process." states Ed Marriage, Global Commercial Director, Wooshii

Wooshii supports all video needs, from managing one-off projects to scaling video operations across the globe. It allows companies to move faster, and not be hindered by diverse locations and high volumes of requests. WooshiiInsight, Wooshii’s data analytics product is platform-agnostic and provides reporting, analytics and allows B2B marketing, sales and communication teams to make better, data-informed decisions about their content.

“It’s the convergence of creativity and data that first attracted us to the idea of a commercial partnership bringing Wooshii to Canada.” says Merritt. “Not only do those values align directly with the heart of our business but also Wooshii’s culture and the way they operate is exactly the kind of business we want to partner with and bridge the gap to bring to our Canadian clients,” says Staves.

About Linchpin Media

Linchpin Media is a Toronto based business that brings over 30 years combined experience building teams, developing products and launching new brands into the Canadian digital landscape.

About Wooshii

Wooshii is a cutting-edge video production and insight agency that delivers impactful content and strategic video insight for the world's biggest enterprise brands.

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